About Us

Gary Barnes

Our Missionaries

Gary & Javonda Barnes

Through the years, Gary Barnes and his wife, Javonda, have served as missionaries with WCI. Gary has served as the Executive Director, strategically partnering with other mission agencies including InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Operation Mobilization, the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, and the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand. During the past 30 plus years, Gary has coordinated and/or directed and mentored more than 32,000 mission cross- cultural workers through training schools and events.

These strategic events have mentored/trained thousands of students and cross-cultural workers for global service in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. A highlight for Gary in ministry was being granted permission to interview Dr. John R.W. Stott shortly before his death. Javonda’s role has been as wife and mother, the quintessential community and public-school volunteer, a secondary education and community college teacher, and as a volunteer English teacher in Thailand.

We network with strategic partners including missionaries, charities, churches, and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs):

  • Bangkok Youth Football Clubs—Korn and Som, missionaries
  • Talay Surf Club—Tim, Samantha, and daughters, missionaries
  • ACTS and Hope Church Network—new church planting in Bangkok
  • Asylum seekers and refugee mission—Steve and Marie Goode, missionaries
  • King’s Kids Club (slum outreach), Bey and Wan, missionaries
  • Farms of Hope, Addiction recovery and Richard, Maria, David, Felipie, and Paco, missionaries now in Klong Toey, Bangkok’s largest slum
  • And three other organizations we are hoping to announce by end of the year

Our Vision

Love Their Neighbors

By encouraging and partnering with Thai leaders, NGOs, volunteers, and churches, we are praying for a strong, indigenous network of local churches who can “Love their Neighbors”—the poor, sick, hungry, HIV/AIDS orphans, jobless, homeless, and the growing number of asylum seekers and refugees flooding into Thailand. We hope to see a growing partnership of these organizations, leaders, volunteers, and servants making an impact on the various forms of trafficking that exist, particularly in Southern Thailand cities.

Our Mission

Going Where No One Has Gone Before

The Apostle Paul’s strategy entailed going to the cities and ports of influence (education, medicine, military, finance, and manufacturing/agriculture, as well as the trade routes).

This strategy explains why we focus on these cities of influence: Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket—cities overlooked, forgotten, and abandoned by many of the world’s NGOs (Non-Government Organizations or charities) and mission organizations.